Saci E-Motion V-Nox Variable Speed Cold Water Booster Set

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Saci E-Motion V-Nox Variable Speed Cold Water Booster Set

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Saci E-Motion V-Nox Variable Speed Cold Water Booster Set

The Saci E-motion V-Nox Booster set is a multistage vertical pump, with stainless steel impellers is ideal for both domestic and industrial pressurising systems with a very high output and running a very quiet operation.

A Saci E-Motion V-Nox can help to save you considerable amounts of money by significantly reducing your energy output. It can cope with constant water pressure, is silent in operation and is extremely safe and reliable.

It offers simple set up, with the user only needing to select the desired pressure and rotation of the pump.


  • The pump housing and impellers are constructed from AISI 304 stainless steel
  • The shaft in AISI 420 stainless steel
  • The diffusers are injected with fibreglass.
  • The inlet and outlet body are comprised of cast iron GG-20 which is coated with rust proofing paint both internally and externally.
  • The mechanical seal is graphite, ceramic and stainless steel AISI 304.

The pump is fitted with a standard asynchronous motor, suitable for continuous operation and is sealed from external ventilation. It is also suitable to work through frequency inverters. The motor has IP 55 protection and class F isolation. (heating “B”)

How does it work?

If the working pressure falls as a result of water consumption then the pump will automatically come into operation. As demand then increases again, the e-motion unit will increase the frequency to continue the desired pressure until the pump reaches maximum speed.

The unit will automatically stop if working pressure exceeds the value set by the user. Likewise, the unit will not start until it has reached the set starting pressure, allowing you, the user, to maintain complete control.

If there is a lack of water, the E-motion will immediately stop to avoid damage to the pump.


  • Fixed pressure regardless of flow required.
  • Considerable energy savings.
  • Silent
  • Full connectivity (Up to 8 pumps with auto recognition)
  • LCD Display indicates current and reference points for parameters.
  • Protection against dry running, over current, over pressure and input voltage fluctuations.
  • Start up process requires just pressure and rotation of pump.
  • Max Flow: 350L per minute (21 m3 / h)
  • Max Head: 90m (25L / min)
  • Full Load Current: 14 amps (maximum)
  • Fine settings blocked by password, failures and incidents history,
  • Two year warranty.

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