ClearFox Nature

ClearFox Nature (non-electric)

The only non electric treatment plant that will not require replacement parts or media throughout its lifetime.*

*Certified by EN-12566-3, SR66, British Water, UK2020 Septic Tank Upgrade Regulations, CE marked

Available in 4/8/16/24/32 person capacity with gravity outlet or 4-8 person biomodule only

Riser kits not needed for normal installations. Telescopic riser extendable up to 1000mm available for deep installations.

The ClearFox Nature is the only non electric domestic sewage treatment plant on the market that never requires any replacement parts or media throughout its lifetime. It is a sustainable and ecofriendly treatment plant, using only natural ventilation and naturally occurring bacteria to effectively process domestic wastewater. For homeowners, the yearly savings are significant with no electricity costs, no media or parts and no specialist maintenance requirements.

The modular (expandable) design of the ClearFox Nature means that it is suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. It features a gravity outlet and is suitable for installation in most soil conditions. The installation process is quick and easy without the need to connect the tank to a power supply. The ClearFox Nature features a flat base, single piece watertight tank made with reinforced with HDPE that does not require concrete backfill on most sites.

The ClearFox Nature holds a CE declaration independent test certificate, meets EN12566-3 and SR66 standards and is approved by British Water. We can therefore guarantee the quality of this non electric domestic sewage treatment plant.

The ClearFox should accommodate highly variable wastewater flows, meaning it can cope with significant increases. This makes it a good choice for Businesses that may hold large events or conferences. It also should be capable of effectively treating very concentrated wastewater containing phosphates, surfactants and FOGs (fats, oils and grease) produced by onsite catering and laundry facilities.

Benefits of a Non-Electric Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Uses natural ventilation and naturally occurring bacteria to process domestic wastewater to excellent standards.
  • No daily operational costs, the ClearFox Nature does not require electricity to operate.
  • No wearing parts or media inside for trouble free operation and maintenance.
  • Significant yearly savings for end-users
  • Modular (expandable) design suitable for both domestic and commercial applications
  • Fast installation with no connection to power supply
  • Steel reinforced flat base tank does not require concrete backfill on most sites
  • No noise, no odour


Why buy from us?

We provide a one stop shop for the sale and installation of the product. We are able to not only provide the product but our experienced engineers are on hand to install the product too so you’ll only ever have to deal with us. We won’t be beaten on price, so for a quote for the product and installation please email

How does the ClearFox Nature domestic sewage treatment plant work?
  1. Raw domestic sewage enters the first tank or primary chamber through the inlet pipe. Large solids settle and compact at the bottom of the chamber. Any fat, oil or grease in the wastewater floats to the top of the water column to form a scum layer. All floating material and solids remain in the primary chamber, this allows for longer desludging intervals. This completes the primary treatment.
  2. The primary cleaned wastewater flows by gravity into the second tank, the reactor chamber. The plastic media in the bioreactor has a very high surface area. A tipping plate spreads the effluent evenly over the entire media surface. Naturally occurring bacteria colonise the media and feed on the nutrients and organic material in the incoming wastewater. It is the action of the bacteria that cleans the domestic wastewater to a very high standard before it exits the treatment plant.
How does the ClearFox Nature operate without electricity?

Most domestic wastewater treatment plants use small air compressors to aerate the wastewater in order to provide the bacteria with sufficient oxygen. However, the ClearFox Nature uses natural ventilation through a 1m high vent stack to draw fresh air into the tank. This does not require electricity.

Can I upgrade my domestic septic tank with the ClearFox Nature?

The ClearFox Nature bioreactor can be installed after an existing septic tank in order to upgrade it to comply with EN12566-7  the EPA standard for domestic sewage treatment systems. It is a simple installtion without the need to bring a power supply to the tank location. The outlet of the existing septic tank connects into the ClearFox Nature bioreactor tank. The outlet of the ClearFox Nature bioreactor tank then connects to the existing soakaway or stream/watercourse.

What happens to the sludge?

Sludge accumulates inside the primary chamber of the ClearFox Nature which has a total capacity of 3,500L. Like all treatment plants, the sludge should be removed on a regular basis by a professional sewage disposal company who pump it out and take it away for disposal. This is the most economical way to tackle sludge in domestic wastewater treatment systems.

ClearFox Specifications

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