Graf Sewage Treatment Plant

Graf Treatment Plant

*Certified by EN-12566-3, British Water, UK2020 Septic Tank Upgrade Regulations.

Why choose the Graf Treatment Plant:
  • One clean tank with only one chamber required
  • Less energy consumption and less wear 
  • No mechanical elements in the waste water 
  • No pumps in the waste water 
  • No electrical components in the waste water 
  • Incredibly little sewage sludge
  • No concrete on most sites, just gravel base and backfill 
  • Plug and play system, no wiring required 
  • Near silent operation 
  • Programable holiday mode 
  • 10-year warranty on the tank 
  • 2-year warranty on compressor and parts 

With the Graf Sewage Treatment Plant you will be able to take responsibility for the timely disposal of your waste water, while taking care of your budget and environment.

How the Graf Sewage Treatment Plant produces clear water

1.Wastewater Treatment

The waste water arrives directly in the biological zone without the need for pumping processes. Aeration of the entire container leads to immediate waste water activation. The micro- organisms begin the biological cleaning process without delay.

2. Settling Phase

Aeration is interrupted by the control unit, the activated sludge sinks to the bottom. A clear water zone develops in the upper part of the container.


3. Clear Water Extraction

The treated clear water is extracted from the system and the cleaning pro- cess can begin once more.

A variety of the Graf Treatment Plants available

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