Sulzer Submersible Sewage Pump Type ABS XFP (Vortex Impeller)

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Sulzer Submersible Sewage Pump Type ABS XFP (Vortex Impeller)

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Sulzer Submersible Sewage Pump Type ABS XFP (Vortex Impeller)

The Sulzer XFP is designed to ensure a lower energy consumption and reduce your carbon footprint. Altogether, this range is the perfect choice for standard and network wastewater pumping stations.

The Sulzer submersible pumps withstand tough conditions such as higher rag and solid content. They can be installed submersed or in dry installation, the choice is yours.

These pumps are designed to require little maintenance. Low maintenance and lower energy consumption means cost savings all round!

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Main Benefits:

  • Standard design in ATEX or FM
  • IE3 Premium efficiency motor
  • NEMA Class A motor temperature rise
  • Standard motor  includes internal cooling
  • pump can be operated with medium level above volute. (No need to submerge motor)
  • Continuous operation also in dry installation
  • Adjustable bottom plate with intercepted slotting for significant energy savings while maintaining excellent rag handling.

Main Applications:

  • Clean water and wastewater
  • Sewage containing solids and fibrous material
  • Sewage with sludge and high rag content
  • Industrial raw water

The Design

  • Premium Efficiency motors in accordance with IEC 60034-30 (IE3)
  • Solid Passage min. 75mm and greater
  • Explosion proof version (ATEX, FM and CSA)
  • Cable plug on PE1 and PE2
  • Sealed cable connection chamber with two stage cable entry on PE3
  • Closed cooling system (PE1-2)
  • Optional closed-loop cooling system
  • Class H (140°C) insulation
  • Temperature rise according to NEMA Class A
  • Double silicon carbide (SiC/SiC) mechanical seal
  • Seal protection against spinning fibers
  • 50’000 hours bearing life on PE1-2 and 10’000 hours on PE3
  • Lifting hoop (Stainless steel as option)
  • Optional Chopper hydraulics

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Installation and Operating Instructions – Installation, Operating and Maintenance Instructions – XFP PE1-PE3


80, 100, 150, 151


C VX.7 PE15/4 D01*10, C VX.6 PE15/4 D01*10, C-VX.5-PE15/4-D01*10, C-VX.4-PE15/4-D01*10, C-VX.3-PE22/4-D01*10, C-VX.2-PE22/4-D01*10, C-VX.1-PE29/4-D01*10, C-VX.2-PE30/2-D01*10, C VX.1 PE40/2 D05*10, C VX.2 PE40/2 D05*10, E VX.5 PE55/2 D05*10, E VX.4 PE70/2 D05*10, E VX.3 PE110/2 D05*10, E VX.2 PE110/2 D05*10, E VX.1 PE110/2 D05*10, E-VX.6-PE40/4-D05*10, E-VX.5-PE40/4-D05*10, E-VX.4-PE60/4-D05*10, E-VX.3-PE60/4-DO5*10, E-VX.3-PE90/4-D05*10, E-VX.2-PE90/4-D05*10, E-VX.1-PE90/4-D05*10

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