Sulzer Muffin Monster

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The Muffin Monster is available in three different models: 10K, 30K or 40K, each with two different configurations. Please email for a custom quote, or phone us at 01359 242000 so we can find the ideal Muffin Monster for you.

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Muffin Monster

The Sulzer Muffin Monster is an ideal system to prevent and protect your pumps from clogging. Altogether, the powerful grinders on the Muffin Monster grind down the toughest waste and unwanted solids that get flushed down the toilet such as wipes and sanitary products. However, is also powerful enough to grind through the toughest debris, including plastics, rocks and other solids.

Main Applications: 

  • Sewage pump stations
  • headworks- primary treatment
  • Sludge processing
  • Anaerobic digestion/ biorsource
  • Septage/ Grease receiving
  • Correctional facilities
  • Airports
  • Facilities management
Features and Benefits
  • Dual-Shafted, high-torque grinders are capable of grinding unwanted debris, such as rocks, handle rags, woods, wipes, clothing, plastic and other debris
  • The Patented Delta P side rails effectively drive debris into the cutters
  • The muffin monster reduces solids to a size that will smoothly and safely run through pumps and other equipment
  • Prevents costly clogs and damages in your pumps caused by solids
  • Parts are swappable- therefore there is no need to clean, disassemble or reassemble the unit
  • Having clear pipes will result in lower operating costs
  • Wipes Ready technology which is designed to capture all wipes in the waste stream, then shred them into small pieces which will not reweave into a rag-ball in the sewage systems

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Additional information

10K Series

Hex shafts: 50mm
Motor: Standard 1.5kW; 25:1 reducer
Cutter size: 120mm diameter
Seal max working pressure: 6 bar

30K Series

Hex shafts: 50mm
Motor: Standard 2.2kW; 25:1 reducer
Cutter size: 120mm diameter
Seal max working pressure: 10.3 bar

40K Series

Hex shafts: 64 mm
Motor: Standard 7.5kW; 35:1 reducer
Cutter size: 190mm diameter
Seal max working pressure: 10.3 bar

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