Ductile Iron Double Flanged Pipe for Potable Water (Blue)

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Ductile Iron Double Flanged Pipe for Potable Water (Blue)

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Ductile Iron Double Flanged Pipe for Potable Water (Blue)

The Ductile Iron Double Flanged Pipe (Blue ) is designed to use with portable water, which is indicated by the blue finish. Additionally, they are externally coated with zinc aluminium, and a blue epoxy resin. The pipes are cement motor lined with blast furnace cement, for the requirement of BS EN 545.

It is suitable for use both above and below ground, with no special installation, jointing equipment or preparation required. This pipe is altogether incredibly durable and environmentally friendly.

Each order comes with the associated bolt kit and flange gasket as required. This product is available in a variety of sizes.

This product is also available for waste water.

Available sizes:

  • DN80 x 1000mm
  • DN80 x 2000mm
  • DN80 x 3000mm
  • DN80 x 4000mm
  • DN80 x 5000mm
  • DN100 x 1000mm
  • DN100 x 2000mm
  • DN100 x 3000mm
  • DN100 x 4000mm
  • DN100 x 5000mm

If you want a different size, please give us a call on 01284 277275 or email sales@4ipumpingservices.co.uk for a quote.


DN80 x 1000mm, DN80 x 2000mm, DN80 x 3000mm, DN80 x 4000mm, DN80 x 5000mm, DN100 x 1000mm, DN100 x 2000mm, DN100 x 3000mm, DN100 x 4000mm, DN100 x 5000mm

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