BioClean Treatment Plant

BioClean Sewage Treatment Plant

The most affordable home sewage treatment plant on the market* – the BioClean.

Prices from £1600 ex VAT.

*Certified by EN-12566-3, SR66, British Water, UK2020 Septic Tank Upgrade Regulations, CE marked

  • Best value for money
  • Unique integrated BioFilter
  • Low power consumption
  • High effluent quality

High Quality Low Cost Home Sewage Treatment Plant

The BioClean is the most affordable home sewage treatment plant on the market. It is a durable and compact treatment system that combines high effluent quality with low energy consumption.

Unique to the design of the Bioclean Septic System is the integrated BioFilter which captures any nonbiodegradable items that have entered the effluent. The BioFilter acts like a trap for items such as babywipes or sanitary products that often cause systems to fail.

The simple and reliable system design has no moving parts inside, nor is there any need for additives or chemicals to achieve clean effluent. The tank itself is made from durable reinforced polypropylene and is suitable for for below ground installation without concrete backfill on most sites.

The Bioclean holds a CE declaration independent test certificate, meets EN12566-3 and is approved by British Water. We can therefore guarantee the quality of this home sewage treatment plant.

Benefits of the BioClean Treatment Plant

  • The most affordable home sewage treat plant on the market
  • Unique integrated BioFilter
  • Freestanding tank with flat base for quick and easy installation
  • No concrete backfill necessary on most sites
  • Single piece watertight reinforced tank
  • Low running costs paired with high effluent quality
  • No need for additives or chemicals
  • Odour free operation
  • UK delivery nationwide
  • Dedicated after-sales customer support service


Why buy from us?

We provide a one stop shop for the sale and installation of the product. We are able to not only provide the product but our experienced engineers are on hand to install the product too so you’ll only ever have to deal with us. We won’t be beaten on price, so for a quote for the product and installation please email

How does the BioClean domestic sewage treatment plant work?
  1. Raw sewage from the house flows into the primary chamber of the BioClean septic system. The integrated BioFilter traps and retains any non-biodegradable items  that accidentally make their was in to the effluent. (note: Please do not flush non-biodegradable items down the toilet – the BioFilter should be inspected and, if necessary, cleaned as part of annual maintenance).
  2. The effluent flows into the secondary zone where the waste water is aerated via the bubble diffusers located on the base of the tank. This mixes and oxygenates the wastewater, allowing naturally occurring bacteria to develop, multiply and feed on the organic material and nutrients. The bacteria clean and decontaminate the sewage to industry leading standards.
  3. During the final settlement phase, any remaining fine solids in the wastewater settle to the very bottom of the tank producing (activated) sludge which flows back to the primary chamber. The water in the final chamber is now clean and ready for discharge to the soakaway or stream/watercourse.
What happens to the sludge?

Sludge accumulates inside the BioClean which has a total capacity of 3,500l. Like all treatment plants, the sludge should be removed from the primary chamber on a regular basis by a professional sewage disposal company who pump it out and take it away for disposal. This is the most economical way to tackle sludge in domestic wastewater treatment systems.

Do I need a riser kit?

A riser kit is only required for deeper than standard installations. Ask your site engineer if in any doubt.


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